In 2006, after a several years being on the road for business, Ben was tired of the lack of healthy options for lunch on the go. He approached his brother, Joe, with an idea to start a smoothie cafe that offered great smoothies and healthier food. Even though Joe liked the idea, he never planned on entering the food industry. Ben challenged Joe to be active, have a smoothie each morning (The Jump Start) and a salad, wrap or panini each day for lunch. Joe dropped over 50lbs in 2 months. That was all Joe needed to jump on board and know they needed to bring this type of lifestyle to their community.

Starting from scratch in their mom’s kitchen, it was definitely a family affair as they created, tested, and came up with the best combinations for smoothies, wraps, paninis, and salads. They would later take their menu ideas to a chef to get a refined and professional opinion to ensure they were bringing the tastiest, low fat, healthier options to the quick service world.

In May of 2007, Nectar was officially opened. Nectar Smoothie Café continues to offer a healthier approach to eating out by serving food that not only tastes great but also fuels your active lifestyle.

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